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Catalynt Announces Key Leadership Promotions with a Rich History

Jan 26, 2024 | News

Catalynt Solutions, Inc. announces two executive promotions effective in January 2024

Catalynt Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the promotions of Marjalena M.F. Santos and Jennifer A. Calvery, marking significant milestones in the company’s growth and leadership.

Marjalena M.F. Santos

Jennifer A. Calvery

Marjalena M.F. Santos has been elevated to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), becoming Catalynt’s first-ever COO. Marjalena’s exceptional journey within the organization reflects her unwavering commitment and talent. She has been a driving force behind Catalynt’s success, and this promotion to COO demonstrates her continued rise in leadership.

In another pivotal move, Jennifer A. Calvery has been has been appointed Catalynt’s first-ever Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. Acknowledging Jennifer’s significant contributions and outstanding work ethic that our team embodies, this promotion is a testament to her integral role in Catalynt’s growth.

Marjalena and Jennifer’s longstanding commitment to the company exemplifies loyalty and dedication. Their professional journeys have been intertwined from their early days as interns and assistants to their current leadership positions, contributing significantly to Catalynt’s foundation, culture, and continued development. In fact, they playfully refer to themselves as “Team JAM,” the combined forces of Jennifer and Marjalena.

They initially joined forces in 2002 as scholar-athletes on the Fastpitch Softball team at Seattle University. The NCAA and GNAC recognized both during their athletic careers, and their drive, energy, and competitive spirits set the tone for their future. As SU students, they were introduced to Catalynt (formerly TRI) through mutual connections – thus kicking off their careers – and this year, they will both celebrate their 19th anniversary on Team Catalynt.

Their enduring friendship and shared history as scholar athletes reflect the strong bond that has fueled their collaborative efforts.

Catalynt’s CEO & Owner, Megan Gluth-Bohan, expresses these promotions are long overdue and well deserved, saying, “Jenn has done every job there is, and she has stood with this team through some very difficult days – always rolling up her sleeves to help – even when she knew the rewards would be limited. I have been a believer in Jenn’s potential and a champion for her growth. Jenn is an engine at Catalynt.” Reflecting on Marjalena Santos, Megan Gluth-Bohan adds, “I have always seen her grit, determination, and her talent. This move reflects both Mar’s growth and the growth of our organization. We are a powerful enterprise, and we require powerful leadership.”

As we applaud Marjalena M.F. Santos and Jennifer A. Calvery on their well-deserved promotions, Catalynt Solutions, Inc. also recognizes the depth of experience and camaraderie that enriches its leadership landscape.

About Catalynt

Catalynt is one of the largest certified woman-owned custom manufacturing and packaging service providers and suppliers of raw materials and ingredients in North America.

We offer exclusive manufacturer relationships, industry market intel and product knowledge, and a range of customer services. We do our best to anticipate disruptions in the supply chain, connecting our customers to the materials they need, even in times of crisis.

Visit our website for more information about how Catalynt can support you in meeting your objectives and to learn more about the products and services we have to offer. You can also reach us at our HQ at +1(206) 505-3500.


Jennifer Calvery

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+1 (206) 505-3500

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