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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves:

TRInternational is now Catalynt.

We have a new name and a new look, but we’re still the same hardworking team dedicated to your success.

Manufacturing & Blending

Powders, Liquids, Flammables and Corrosives …we can do it all!

Quality, Safety, Experience:
Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Custom Manufacturing and Business Growth

Catalynt is a high quality custom-manufacturer. We combine technological expertise with strong production capabilities to offer our customers a wide range of opportunities to expand and improve their business. We treat all our business partners’ information with the highest level of discretion and respect.

    Dry / Solution Blending & Custom Manufacturing

    Manufacturing Benefits & Services

    For all your blending needs –
    Powders, Liquids, Flammables, and Corrosives… We can do it all!

    • Reliable Services
      • ISO-9001, GMP, and FDA certifications & NF/NSF capabilities  
      • Broaden your range of capabilities and increase the variety of products your business can offer
    • Quality Control
      • Decrease overall costs by improving efficiency and rejection rates and providing your company with technical expertise
      • Full-service laboratory testing, sample retention, and developmental formulating 
    • Proprietary Protection
      • Trusted partner, dedicated to protecting your formulations and providing guidance and custom fit solutions
      • Contract manufacturing, packaging, and private labeling

    Additional Capabilities

    • Dedicated Finished Goods tanks
    • Blending & Wax Kettles
    • UV-free and humidity controlled manufacturing areas
    • Nitrogen blanketing
    • Hot Melt Box and Flammable Rooms with steam-jacketed mixing tanks, stainless-steel mixers and air-powered / variable speed blades
    • Deluge water/foam blanketing and metering systems
    • Tank farm, rail spur, and loading bays 
    • Palletizing, pallet banding, and stretch wrapping
    • Filling lines for small package containers and custom fit supersack filling
    • Ability to create small batches and developmental samples

    Manufacturing Specialties

    • Dispersion Units: Variable speed, four blade dispersers with low pressure and steam capabilities
      • What are Dispersion Units?
        ‘Dispersion’ is a system in which particles are dispersed in a continuous phase of a different composition (or state).
    •  Dry Ribbon Blenders: Dry mixing stations with custom air filtration
      • What is a Dry Ribbon Blender?
        Dry Ribbon Blenders are used to mix dry products together using inner and outer metal ribbons that wind around the shaft, in a double helix design.

    Ready for more?

    Contract Packaging Card Photo

    Contract Packaging

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