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TRInternational is now Catalynt.

We have a new name and a new look, but we’re still the same hardworking team dedicated to your success.

Jennifer A. Calvery

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

It's all what you make it."

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Tell us about your role at Catalynt:

From daily tasks and objectives to big-picture thinking, my role is a fundamental “glue” that brings together sales, business development, purchasing, compliance, and technology. I’m at my best when I can bring my creativity and intrigue together with my eye for efficiencies, structure, and processes to solve problems and make us better every day.

My role at Catalynt allows me the flexibility to cover a lot of ground day-to-day and cross over departments. Having this experience allows me to deliver marketing objectives and center Catalynt’s brand around what we do best. As the Director of Marketing & Business Development, my goals are to develop and deliver a marketing plan, manage our corporate brand strategy, and increase our marketplace through campaigns and exposure.

About your education or work experience:

I graduated with a BA in Marketing from Seattle University and worked various roles in retail and event management throughout my youth before moving into personal banking and finance for 3 years.

I joined Catalynt in March of 2005 as an Operations Assistant and quickly moved into a full-time Customer Service Representative role where I learned the daily operations of the import/export business. One year later I moved up to Sales Assistant, where I supported the sales and management teams and developed a formal Catalynt marketing and sample program. In 2007, I proudly transitioned that role into a full-scale Marketing role and department that continues to grow through the present.

What sort of hobbies do you have?

Generally, all things outdoors, if possible, on or near water such as lakes, rivers, or ocean beaches. I spend most of my free time hiking, kayaking/canoeing, or fishing (learning how fly fish since Nov 2018 and loving it!). When not outdoors, I enjoy cooking, crafting, and spending quality time with loved ones.

What is your favorite thing about working at Catalynt?

We are like a family – relationships and friendships, people I can trust and enjoy working with day to day.

What would you like people to know about you?

Fun facts:

I miss the thrill of pitching & playing fastpitch – 2004 All-American Fastpitch Softball Pitcher, 2004 Female Athlete of the Year for SU and 2004 Pitcher of the Year for the GNAC. Retired from coaching cir. 2017.
9 times out of 10, if you get in my car, some form of rap or R & B music will be playing (the other 1 out of 10 is as random as it comes).
I am from Dallas, TX and yes, my accent comes back.
I have a black Standard Poodle, named Rupert Liam Krausenhund.

Other than appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?

I can’t sit still. Ever. Not 100% true, but I am always up and down and on the move.

List your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?

Podcasts: Hidden Brain, Stuff You Should Know; The Confused Breakfast

What three traits define you?

Initiative, Inquisitive, Generous

What advice would you give your younger-self if you met you as a kid?

Save more money, sooner… you don’t need that pair of shoes. Take your TV out of your bedroom. Listen to your Spanish teacher.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Speak any language. Understand and practice marine biology. Fly.

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