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Food Ingredients

Catalynt provides creative sourcing solutions, quality product alternatives and personal customer service as a world-class, full-line global chemical distributor to the Food & Ingredients industry.

Catalynt distributes for the following applications:

Bakery & Confectionary
Cooking Sprays
Farm & Animal Feed
Fruit & Vegetable Processing
Ice Cream
Nutraceutical & Nutrition
Processed & Ready-to-Eat Food
Snack Food

Primary Certifications & Quality Assurance:
FSSC 22000: Our commitment to food safety is paramount, with our FSSC 22000 certification validating our adherence to the highest standards of quality management.
Allergen-Free: Our lecithin is allergen-free, catering to consumers with sensitivities and allergies.
Non-GMO: We uphold strict non-GMO standards, guaranteeing that our lecithin is derived from natural, non-genetically modified sources.
Kosher & Halal: Certified kosher and halal, our lecithin meets the dietary and cultural requirements of diverse consumer groups.

Comprehensive Documentation & Statements:
From Technical Data Sheets (TDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), we provide a comprehensive suite of documentation to support your product formulations.
Our commitment to transparency extends to nutritional values, BSE / TSE compliance, Proposition 65 requirements, and beyond.
Should you require additional tests or statements, our team is readily available to accommodate your specific needs.



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Catalynt provides creative sourcing solutions, quality product alternatives, and personal customer service as a worldwide, full-line raw materials and ingredients supplier.

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