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Life Cycles, Changing Lives One Bike at a Time

Mar 12, 2020 | Community

We had the extraordinary opportunity to work with a group called Odyseey Teams, Inc. to participate in their team-building program, Life Cycles, a bike building program for youth in need.

Seven special boys and girls received brand-new bikes, built by the staff of TRI – but there was so much more to the experience.

The event used the bike builiding exercise to show participants how to work as a team and improve our communications and experience with our customers and suppliers. Each team was given the bike pieces in a box and a set of tools and are told to build the bikes – it’s that simple; however, what we didn’t know was, it wasn’t a race… it was an opportunity to work together, not as individual teams, but as a whole, to complete the task as we had to share tools and communicate with other teams.

Then it becomes real. That’s when Life Cycles shows it’s true colors and in walks our “Customers” a set of local boys and girls, each assigned to a team to receive one of the newly built bikes. We get to learn their stories and what the true meaning of the exercise taught us about team-work and the impact we ca have on others.

Neither our group nor the children who received the bikes had any idea of the plan or program outcome and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

As a group, we reflect on this experience often and we are proud to have had this life and business-changing experience. We’d like to thank the Human Potential Project for giving us an opportunity to work with Odyssey Team and the Life Cycles program and be a part of a cause that has already put new bikes into the hands of over 15,000 deserving boys and girls worldwide.

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