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Feb 20, 2020 | News

Seattle, Wash. (February 20, 2020) – TRInternational, Inc. (TRI) is proud to announce that TRI’s CEO, Megan E. Gluth-Bohan, has acquired a majority ownership interest in the company. Megan joined TRI in the spring of 2012 as its General Counsel and has served in several executive leadership positions throughout her tenure. As CEO, Megan spearheads the creation of TRI’s strategic plan and business operations. Her energy is focused on the execution of TRI’s daily work, and she is directly involved in every area of the business. She has a strong fiscal discipline, paired with a drive to take risks for innovative concepts in a mature industry.

TRI’s founder, Anthony Ridnell, is delighted with the transition. “I am grateful to have been able to ‘hand-select’ the ownership of TRI’s future. Megan’s leadership has had a significant positive impact on the organization. Megan is uniquely qualified for her position, as a trained lawyer, she is very pragmatic and enthusiastically seeks views in opposition to her own. She has a keen sense for risk and liability management – perhaps the single most important attribute for a leader in this highly volatile chemical industry.”

Born and raised in the Midwest, Megan has an unparalleled work ethic. When selected as an Honoree for The Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Megan shared her thoughts on leadership – “Each day I face a varied set of challenges and opportunities. I begin as a person who recognizes first, above all else, that each day I must ensure that I tend to the development and strength of my own character. I recognize that everything else flows from that. I do not merely pay lip service to the qualities of integrity and a solid work ethic.”

Megan’s impact on her employees and colleagues within the industry have been significant. She is a tough, yet compassionate thought leader. She cares about the individuals she employs and leads by example to inspire them to be their very best. Anthony notes, “Megan’s unique leadership ability, combined with unmatched attention to detail, enables her to perform at a very high level as TRI’s CEO. Her credibility in the industry is well-warranted.”|

Last fall TRI celebrated a milestone 25th Anniversary. The celebration was an opportunity to honor TRI’s historical success, and pave the way for future accomplishments. With TRI’s Founder approaching 60, and Megan’s immense talent, it is a perfect time for an ownership transition. “I am 100% confident in Megan’s ability to lead this company as a now fully-invested owner and take it places we have not been before. The “startup” stage is over; Megan is the perfect candidate to take TRI forward. She has already done that in her tenure as CEO. I anticipate big things from her and TRI,” said Anthony.

With the new ownership structure and Megan’s continued leadership, the opportunities are immense as TRI moves into the next 25 years. Megan is bullish about the future of TRI. “I am humbled by the trust Tony and our entire team has placed in me. I am excited to deepen my role as a steward of this organization, and I am proud to be in service to my colleagues. The team at TRI, and the individuals who comprise this industry, are the finest group of people ever assembled in business. I can hardly wait to see what we will accomplish together. I can assure you- it will be wonderful.”

For more information, please contact Jennifer Calvery, at +1(206) 505-3500 x7841, email [email protected] or visit TRInternational online at

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